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Development Permit Appeal Regarding Fire Station 21:

The City of Edmonton issued a development permit in August 2016 for the Fire Department to continue and intensify operations at the Rossdale site at 94 Ave and 101 St. The community league appealed the issuance of the development permit primarily because the permit is unlimited in its scope and because it represents a significant development for the community. Although the fire department has proposed a five man 24/7 crew at the site with one rescue truck for downtown services, the station itself has 4 bays which means that it could grow to be among the few larger stations in Edmonton. We are concerned that the wording of the development permit is wide enough to encompass future growth without any further requirements of working with the community or ensuring environmental and planning concerns are taken into account. 

The community league retained legal representation for the appeal because of the many technical legal issues involved. Rossdale is governed by an area redevelopment plan as well as the North Saskatchewan River Valley Bylaw and the interpretation of these plans is significant for many issues affecting the community aside from this one development. 

The matter was heard at the Edmonton Subdivision and Development Appeal Board on October 6 and October 21, 2016.

The SDAB rendered a written decision November 7, 2016. A copy of that decision is available here.