Want to register for outdoor soccer for the 2019 season? While Rossdale does not have an active youth soccer program, our neighbour community Riverdale supports our community.

Riverdale has a competitive youth soccer program for children ages 3 to 18 years old; teams categorized in U4 to U18 divisions. The program is run by community volunteers. Teams play year-round with games played in the winter at indoor soccer facilities and in the summer at outdoor fields.


EMSA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of this city’s youth soccer programs. Whether you’re a coach, a player or a parent, everything you need to know can be found on their website.

If you require more information or would like to volunteer, please contact Riverdale’s soccer director, Alexandra Zabjek –



The Rossdale community garden started in 2018. The garden consists of 32 raised beds, 15 beds have added height and are available on request.  The garden is open to all Rossdale residents.


There is a $20 user fee to assist in covering maintenance, primarily water.


The garden committee will meet prior to the planting season to discuss and plan for the upcoming season. There may be one or two meetings over the growing season to communicate with the membership. The committee consists of 5 - 7 Rossdale residents who are garden members.

After a successful first year, we are looking at ways to improve our beds, planting the best selection of vegetables, and growing the healthiest plants. We are planning a garden growing workshop in the spring.


We currently do not have a wait-list, however we do have families requesting a second bed which would limit the amount of beds available after June 1st.

Please contact Karen at to request a garden bed.  Please note that two agreements will require a signature, the EPCOR land use agreement and the Rossdale garden participation agreement. Both documents can be viewed on the Rossdale website at