Rossdale Application for Leave to Appeal SDAB decision denied

On March 17, 2017 the Alberta Court of Appeal denied the application of the Rossdale Community League to appeal the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) decision regarding the development of the Rossdale fire station.  The SDAB decision had approved the permit to develop the Rossdale Fire Station. This ends the available appeals. 

The City Planning Department originally gave the Fire Department an unlimited permit for the Rossdale site. That decision was appealed by the Rossdale Community league to the SDAB. As a result of argument made to the SDAB, the final decision granted a permit to have only one crew (5 crew members) in operation at the fire station. We are hopeful that this will limit the disruption to the community and especially to those that live along 101 St. If the Fire Department wants to expand the number of crews there will have to be another development permit application. 

The community league will work with Fire Services to continue to minimize disruption to the community and to ensure development of the buffer park along 94 Ave. The City of Edmonton has held funds since 2008 from a provincial grant to develop the park. It is our understanding that those funds are not now sufficient to develop the park. It is not clear where the remaining funds will be found but we will work to ensure that promises made will be kept.