Free museum admission for seniors during Senior's Week

Seniors can enjoy free regular admission to Alberta’s historic sites, museums and the Provincial Archives during Seniors’ Week, June 5 to 11.

This is a great opportunity for people aged 65 and older in Alberta to reconnect with provincial history and explore Alberta’s vast landscapes.

“Alberta’s historic sites, museums and Provincial Archives of Alberta are a great place for seniors to spend time this Seniors’ Week. Whether people are touring exhibits and galleries or trying out a hands-on activity, our heritage facilities are an excellent source of education and entertainment. Providing affordable access to our provincial heritage facilities makes life better for Albertans and their families.”

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism

There are 20 provincial historic sites, museums and the Provincial Archives in Alberta to explore. Drawing upon millions of records, photographs, fossils and artifacts, provincial heritage facilities serve as Alberta’s collective memory and educate visitors about the moments, stories and people that have shaped Alberta.

Free admission does not apply to tour groups; fees for special programming at facilities still apply.

“I encourage all seniors to visit Alberta’s many amazing historic sites, museums and the Provincial Archives during Seniors’ Week. It’s a wonderful opportunity to relive familiar stories of the past and learn more about our province’s rich history.”

Fred Olsen, president, Alberta Council on Aging

Each year, Albertans are encouraged to join festivities by attending one of the many Seniors’ Week events to be held across the province. More information on Seniors’ Week is available online at Alberta Seniors and Housing.