Update from EPCOR re EPCOR land use

The access agreement for the area (HB, TWP 52, RGE 24, W4M) grants the Rossdale Community League the authority to utilize this fenced parcel as a community garden.  Under this signed agreement, the RCL has a responsibility to ensure that permitted uses comply with all applicable law(s).  Currently, residents are using the space as a dog run, which does not align with Bylaw 13145 – Animal Control and Licensing or Alberta Health Service’s (AHS) guidelines for Community Gardening.

EPCOR has decided to keep the fence in place but place locks on the north and east gates to prevent off leash use. EPCOR made this decision after discussing with residents, the City and the RCL, and taking into consideration the RCL’s need to comply with applicable laws.  This decision is intended to ensure alignment with the access agreement between EPCOR and the RCL, City bylaw and AHS guidelines.