Our community is a work of art, literally!

The community of Rossdale is one of the Edmonton neighbourhoods featured in the Alberta Art Gallery's recently opened exhibition Hubert Hohn: Edmonton Entrances and Suburban Landscapes. 

In 1974, Hubert Hohn undertook a comprehensive project entitled “Edmonton Entrances", in which he photographed the decorated doorways of the 1940s and 1950s fieldstone and stucco bungalows that proliferate in Edmonton. A year later, in 1975, Hohn focused his lens on the modern residential areas in Edmonton’s growing suburbs to produce The Suburban Landscapes series. Together, these two series of photographs tell a story of the domestic architecture in Edmonton, and reveal how we see and often overlook these essential elements of the design and image of our city.

Hubert Hohn: Edmonton Entrances and Suburban Landscapes opens on April 28 and runs until November 11. As one of the neighbourhoods originally featured in Edmonton Entrances series, the AGA would like to engage the community of Rossdale in this exhibition. Residents who might be interested in a private group tour should contact juselius@shaw.ca for more information.

See https://www.youraga.ca/exhibitions/HubertHohn for more information on the Hubert Hohn exhibit.