Please consider volunteering!

Rossdale is your community and your home. You can help bring events, programs and fun projects to life in our neighbourhood by volunteering for your community league. Volunteering is a great way to share your interests, meet new people and help shape the future of our community. Whether you would like to volunteer on a regular basis or just a few hours a year, your help would be greatly appreciated!

Some great opportunities are as follows:

Casino - we’re always in need of volunteers for our casino schedule.  Casinos are vital fundraisers for events and programs put on by the community league as well as renovations to our facilities. Please consider volunteering at our next casino (date TBA)!

Organizing a big bin event (spring 2019?)

Community Garden

Organizing a movie night

Organizing a community garage sale/outgrown it sale (spring 2019?)

Social events such as a community block party, or Christmas party

Have questions or ideas or suggestions yourself? Ready to volunteer? Send us an email today!