Rossdale River Trail Now OPEN!

Rossdale River Trail is located in the Rossdale neighbourhood, between Walterdale Bridge and 100 A Street and 94 Avenue NW, and between the North Saskatchewan River bank and EPCOR Water Treatment Building.

Rossdale River Trail was closed during Walterdale Bridge construction and is now open for public use following necessary maintenance and spot repairs.

Trail conditions are not yet up to City standard and will require full rehabilitation (including sub-base, paving, landscaping) which will begin in the spring of 2019 and take approximately 2 months to complete.

See for more information.

EPCOR Flood Mitigation Survey

EPCOR research into citizen priorities for flood mitigation

EPCOR is conducting research into Edmontonians’ values and priorities in regards to flood mitigation.

This survey presents a storm scenario and asks participants to think about the different impacts a flood in Edmonton could have on homes, businesses, the environment, people and community services.

Your input will help set priorities for reducing the potential impacts of storm flooding in Edmonton.

The survey, which is open for the next month, takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Survey responses will be compiled by EPCOR solely for the purpose of stormwater flood planning.

Click here to take the survey:

If you have any questions, please contact:


Telephone: 780-509-8080


For your information, this research is  part of our Stormwater Integrated Resource Planning, which will take a risk-based approach to identifying where in the city to prioritize improvements to the stormwater system.  This is the first step in EPCOR’s larger public engagement program. Following the survey, we intend to engage stakeholders on more deeper conversations related to proposed infrastructure investments as we build out our capital plan.

Thanks again for your support!